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Eagle of Light Brigade and Eagle of Wisdom Reiki Attunement Bundle - Founder Hari Winarso - 2 systems 1 price - Save 20%


This bundle includes Eagle of Light Brigade Reiki and Eagle of Wisdom Reiki by Hari Andri Winarso which are collectively valued at 82.00. You will save 20% by purchasing them in this bundle. With your purchase you will receive the manuals, distant attunements (4) and certificate with lineage.


Eagle of Light Brigade has a reputation for attracting wealth, money and luck.  However, this energy has POWERFUL spiritual attributes as well.  This is an excellent tool for vision or divination work.

Eagle of Light Brigade is a beautiful, powerful energy experience.  Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras are attuned by the Eagle of Light energy during the initiation/attunement.  This potentially will increase wealth, vitality, passion, courage, physical strength and allows these attributes to be tempered with mental clairity and joy.

Eagle of Light as a healing tool can slow the flow f energy throught the body which allows this to be usefull in stress related illnesses.  It will slow down third chaka and flush excess energy. This is an emotional balancer that softens STUBBORNESS and gives clear insight.  It grounds and centers and strengthens your connection with will and personal power.

Working on first through third chakras it balances energy between mental and physical health.  If you constantly worry about your health - this energy will remove hypochondria and psychosomatic illness for yourself or for those you know. 

This energy brings clam to stressful environments, too.



EAGLE OF WISDOM REIKI from Hari Winarso - Rise Above Hardship, the past & soar to your highest potential (17.00)

EAGLE OF WISDOM REIKI from Hari Winarso - Rise Above Hardship, the past & soar to your highest potential Eagle symbolizes a close connection to the Divine and symbolizes freedom, wisdom, power, majesty and great beauty. Eagles have powerful insight, intuition and are very spiritual.  This energy is a very high vibrational energy.

Assists with:

Putting hardships and past issues into the past and removes any negativity that is carried into the present.

Providing protection and wings to rise above anything.

Promotes positive thinking.

Brings ability to soar and live life to your highest potential.

Help to receive messages from other worlds.


There are 3 levels:

1) Eagle Wings

2) Eagle Heart

3) Eagle Eye



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