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Multidimensional Awareness Clearing and Activation and Multidimensional Self Empowerment Bundle 2 systems 1 price plus 60 min of distant healing FREE


With this bundle you will receive attunement to Multidimensional Self Empowerment (29.99) and Multidimensional Awareness Clearing and Activation (29.99). With your purchase you will receive the manuals, distant attunements, certificate, and 60 minutes of healing from the founder of these powerful systems. You will save 30% by purchasing these attunements in this bundle. Plus, buy one bundle and get one bundle free .

Here is more information about these powerful energies.

Multidimensional Self Empowerment

This flush is given unto us so that we can activate and express our multidimensional selves while in human form on the earth plane. This powerful energy will assist us in releasing any beliefs that we still have more to learn in this limited reality so that we can transcend the limits of the third dimensional life. This form is also designed to clear the human energy field of external elements that are not part of the Self, such as thought forms, and negative energy and fragment of other people. It will also remove any limted beliefs we believe while in human form. These limited beliefs will be lifted in such a way that we no longer have self imposed limitations or are lost in the illusions of separation and limitation.

As our multidimensional self is awakened this will bring us enlightenment.  As the energy sweeps through us we will experience psychic expansion which will give us a clearer understanding of our Higher Self.  Additionally, the energy of this form will remove anything that keeps us from ascending into themultidimensional reality so that we become the expansive being we are capable of becoming while still living in our human form. A transformation will happen for you as you go about this journey….you will see yourself in your true multidimensional expression. Then you will be expressing the real you – the authentic, Divine,multidimensional self.  No longer will you be just your physical body for you have conscious clear inner light awareness of the connection to All that is and see All as part of Self. You will heal, transform,and evolve so that you are…..

Living from higher levels of freedom, love, and within the creativity of the True Multidimensional Self,your unique being of Self that is in unity, harmony and Oneness with All.

Benefits ofMultidimensional Self Empowerment

Activation of Multidimensional Self

Transcendence of the limits of the third dimensional life

Loss of self imposed limitations and illusions of separation

Experience a state of freedom from illusions

Activate spiritual free will and choice

Become more self aware and self determining

Access to hidden, higher knowledge, truth and wisdom

Psychic expansion

Gain clearer understanding of our Higher Self

Expression of true spiritual gifts

Growth into a heightened being of Higher light, love, wisdom, truth, knowledge and ability

Limitless thinking

Acceptance and utilization of full dimensionality

Expression of Higher traits

Experience more freedom, imagination, creativity and self fulfillment

Living from within the creativity of the True Multidimensional Self

Much More! 



Multidimensional Awareness Clearing and Activation

  The purpose of the Multidimensional Awareness Clearing and Activation is to give us the ability to consciously access other dimensions plus activating our dormant psychic abilities to experience multidimensional awareness. This will enable us to connect directly with Higher Beings in other realities and to access knowledge, guidance, information, wisdom, and concepts and then translate these in such a way that we are able to utilize them here. This is Higher Realm Multidimensional, that is to say, information, insights, and wisdom through the multidimensional sensory awareness which increases our multidimensional awareness and healing abilities. The energy will give us the ability to access knowledge which cannot be obtained through normal learning on the Earthly realities or through spiritual gifts such as channeling, clairvoyance or mediumship. Not only will we be able to access knowledge and wisdom from other dimensions the energy of this system will assist us in assimilating this new information and incorporating it into our lives so that our reality will change for the better! As we work with the energy of this form our Higher Selves will be prepared for the eventual and permanent shift to a Higher vibration of Consciousness. Because this Higher Vibrational Energy is foreign to us the energy of this Activation will assist us in acclimating to it. We will experience a startling awakening to our next level of Oneness with All That Is as well as retain the Higher Information that we receive as a part of us. Old physical, emotional, mental,spiritual blockages and negative energies will be released from our bodies. A powerful chakra clearing and opening including all the ‘new’ chakras will be experienced. Causes of traumas, difficult patterns, limits, and challenges in our life which originate from beyond our physical body and life’s boundaries such as originating in the energy body or a past life or another reality altogether will be resolved.

As obscurations are cleared and dissolved and new possibilities come forward we will recognize the luminosity of the Higher Light Realms, integrate higher wisdom, which will change our realty forever into a dazzling and luminous new reality!





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