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When you face traumas and or abuse, and or live within a dysfunctional family tree lineage, in your formative years these old energie tend to hold you back. This attunement package is designed to help you break through the barriers caused by these traumatic events, dysfunctional behaviors, negative patterns, false beliefs in your childhood. As you do this you will no longer be holding onto the past allowing it to dictate your actions in the present. You will no longer have to carry around this baggage from the past with you. .


The following attunements are included in the package. No substitutions. If you purchased these attunements individually the cost would be over 1800.00. You will receive the manuals, attunements by chi ball and a certificate for the package upon request.

  1. Relationship Repair Shakti
  2. Acclimation Rays
  3. Energetic Red Violet
  4. White Fir Essence
  5. Ethereal Deep Magenta
  6. Ethereal Orange
  7. Eight Shape Binder
  8. Love Rejuvenation
  9. White Steel Heart
  10. Family Care
  11. Essential Golden Rays
  12. Wisdom of Wolf Spirit
  13. Toxic Relationship Cord Cutter Device
  14. Love and Friendship Manifestation
  15. Guilt Release
  16. Absolute Confidence
  17. Releasing Toxic People
  18. Love Flow
  19. Toxic Family Shield
  20. Positive People
  21. Soul Palm
  22. Inner Self Evolution
  23. Energy Cords Remover
  24. Emotional Freedom
  25. Negative Patterns Blasting
  26. Rainbow Light Laser
  27. Self Love Reiki
  28. Adan Energy Ray
  29. Forgiveness Flush
  30. Communication Flush
  31. Cord and Soul Fragment
  32. Deprogram Self Punishment
  33. Shining Soul 1-3
  34. Parental Pattern Flush
  35. Social Outcast Reversal
  36. Light Rain
  37. Inadequacy Flush
  38. Old Energies Release
  39. Resentment Flush
  40. Bereavement Flush
  41. Punishment Flush
  42. Angry Words Flush
  43. Jealousy Flush
  44. Rejection Flush
  45. Victim Mentality
  46. Self Esteem Flush
  47. Inner Child Trauma Healing
  48. Healing Inner Child
  49. Inner Child Healing
  50. Inner Child Essence
  51. Codependency Healing
  52. Trauma Healing
  53. Building Self Esteem Reiki

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