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Magma Power Shield by Maria Joao Sereno Powerful Protection Against Negative energy, people, spaces, psychic attack, black magic, aggressors


Pre-Requisite – Magma Cleaning Energy

Magma in geology, magma refers to molten rock deep within Earth that consists of liquids, gases, and particles of rocks and crystals. Magma has been observed in the form of hot lava and the various rocks made from the solidification of magma. Geologists have created magmas (artificial melts) in the laboratory to learn more about the physical conditions in which magma originated and its composition. Magma is the source of igneous rocks; it can intrude or force itself into surrounding rock where it cools and eventually hardens. These rocks are called intrusive igneous rocks. If magma rises all the way to Earth's surface it will extrude (push out), flowing or erupting out at the surface as lava, forming extrusive igneous rock (also called volcanic rock).

Magma Power Shield will help you with Powerful protection to you against negative energies, negative people… Powerful protection to spaces (house, business, objects)… Protection against psychic attack Protection from evil-eye, envy, black magic… Protection from aggressors Development of will power…

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