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Rose Vibrational Clearing by Elaine DeCarlo - increase personal peace and serenity, draw more love and attraction, aid in connections with fairy realm


Rose Vibrational Clearing Attunement - Increase personal peace and serenity within your life.

Rose Vibrational Clearing is a new system that was channelled by Reiki Master Elaine DeCarlo in 2011.

The Rose Vibrational Clearing Attunement was created after Elaine's many years of working with the vibrational energies of Flowers. The Rose Clearing Attunement is the first in a new line of distant attunements that Elaine is currently channeling which will introduce you to the many benefits that can be obtained when you connect with the etheric properties of Flowers.

There are many blessings that will be given as you connect with the energies of the Rose which include the following:

* Receive purifying vibrational energies.

* Increase personal peace and serenity.

* Enhance inner and outer beauty.

* Draw more love and attraction into your life.

* Aid in your connections with the Fairy Realms and much more


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