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50% OFF Custom Healing/Clearing Package - 12 Ninety Minute Healing Sessions


Custom Healing/Clearing Package - 12 Sessions - 90 Minutes Each Session

regular price 599.99


This healing/clearing package is a custom healing package for specific issues for adults, children or animals (pets). What you will need to do is email your main issue i.e. General Anxiety or ADHD or Cancer as well as the symptoms and or issues that affect you on all levels - emotional, mental, spiritual, and or physical as well as any specific intentions you have for your healing sessions. We will set up a schedule for the sessions. If additional problems, symptoms or issues arise during the scheduled sessions simply email those so that these issues can also be addressed as well. A combination of energies will be used to assist you including Reiki and the assistance of the Archangels and Ascended Masters.

This is quite the bargain at only $199.99 and is only available for a limited time.



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