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Pearlized Silver Seichim Levels 1-3 by clearing, spiritual growth, protection, intensive energy alignment with Divine Will


Only a Reiki or Seichim Master Teacher can pass on a Pearlized Silver Seichim attunement to other people.



Pearlized Silver Seichim was founded by Mariah Windsong Couture.



The following is from Mariah’s manual:



“Pearlized Silver Seichim upholds the frequencies of the energy streams each level of this energy system.



“Level 1: Pearlized Golden Violet Silver Seichim. 

“For clearing, spiritual growth and protection



“Level 2: Pearlized Royal Blue Silver Seichim

“Intensive energy for alignment with Divine Will



“Level 3: Pearlized Silver Seichim Body

“Brings attributes of all Seichim color octaves to wear around your body.”


When you order you will receive:


 Three Pearlized Silver Seichim distant attunements sent by chi ball.Pearlized Silver Seichim manual in pdf format by email.Pearlized Silver Seichim certificate and lineage in pdf format by email.


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