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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Flush Empowerment NEW from MHLA



The OCD flush is given to us from the Divine Source for Adults and or Children, alike, to reduce, help manage and or remove compulsions and symptoms, thoughts and behaviors, which cause tremendous distress, take up a lot of time, and interfere with the daily life and relationships of the OCD sufferer. As well, the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Flush will help to keep the OCD from worsening. Even if you do not have OCD but you experience obsessive thoughts, obsessive rituals, and or perform compulsive behaviors the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder flush can help to eliminate or diminish these for you. As well, the energy is good for loved ones, family members or caregivers for person’s with OCD as it promotes understanding of the disorder which helps to reduce conflicts and inspires solutions on how to help the OCD sufferer.


Using the OCD Flush Empowerment will assist the OCD sufferer in reducing and or managing obsessive rituals. The energy of this system will flush out unreasonable thoughts and fears (obsessions) that lead the OCD sufferer to do repetitive behaviors (compulsions) in such a way that they can be stopped and or managed.


There is a stress management element within the energy that helps the OCD sufferer to manage stress, relax, practice relaxation, experience inner peace, balance and harmony. The energy includes a mood stabilizer to assist the person afflicted with OCD so that when there is much distress or agitation or any other issue affecting moods or causing moodiness the mood can be stabilized.


The energy of this system will reconnect the Soul to the Divine Source gently leading the soul back into alignment with the Divine Source so that the OCD sufferer experiences a deeper sense of safety and security. With this empowerment the Divine Source cloaks the OCD Sufferer with a Divine Shield of Protection to ensure Divine Protection and Safety at All times. In its most potent capacity spiritual light will enter in sufficient intensity to work miracles with OCD cutting through the fear and isolation that are the foundation of the disorder and infusing a truth that conveys love, safety, a sense of well being within the world.


With these benefit’s the OCD Sufferer will experience true freedom and victory from OCD!



Benefits of the OCD Flush Empowerment



Diminished compulsions, symptoms, thoughts, behaviors characteristic of OCD

Reduction of obsessive thoughts, rituals and repetitive behaviors characteristic of OCD

Removal of fear, anxiety, distress, panic, less than love energies, worry, doubt, guilt, and many other lower natured thoughts and emotions

Stress and time management

Improvement in ability to focus on tasks/goals and organizational abilities

Experience inner peace, hope, balance, harmony, well being, sense of safety in the world

Mood Stabilization

Promotes feelings of sanity and being able to handle things

Removes feeling of powerlessness

Instills courage

Rise in Self confidence and Self esteem

Alignment with the Divine Source

Divine Protection Shield

Release from pain of isolation and feelings of separation

Freedom to move forward in life

Power to do ALL things!




















You will receive the manual, distant attunement directly from the founder of Compulsive Disorder Flush Empowerment and a certificate.








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