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Generalized Anxiety Disorder Flush Empowerment from the Disorder Flush SeriesNEW from Masters Healing Light Academy


Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) Flush Empowerment

Part of the Disorder Flush Series

The Generalized Anxiety Disorder Flush Empowerment is given to us from the Divine Source for Adults and or Children, alike, to reduce, help manage and or remove anxiety and symptoms, thoughts and behaviors, which cause tremendous distress, take up a lot of time, and interfere with the daily life, career and relationships of the GAD sufferer. As well, the GAD Flush Empowerment will help to keep the GAD from worsening.


Even if you do not have GAD but you experience chronic worry, anxiety, tension and other symptoms of GAD the energy of this empowerment can help to eliminate or diminish these for you.  As well, the energy is good for loved ones, family members or caregivers for person’s with GAD as it promotes understanding of the disorder which helps to reduce conflicts and inspires solutions on how to help support the GAD sufferer.



The GAD Flush Empowerment can help to alleviate chronic worry and anxiety. It is especially good to use when you are worrying so much that it is interfering with your work, relationships and or other parts of your life.


The flush will help alleviate and or eliminate intrusive thoughts and worry about everyday things. It will help the sufferer of GAD control their constant worries.


The GAD Flush Empowerment has a calming affect on the user of the energy so that the person can relax and find serenity even when constant worries have been running havoc on their mind, body and spirit. It has a sleep aid built into the energy to assist the GAD sufferer in being able to fall asleep as well as stay asleep.The GAD Flush empowerment energy will help the sufferer of GAD to be able to focus and concentrate on tasks in spite of anxiety.The flush can be run to help energize the GAD sufferer when they are experiencing fatigue from chronic worrying.There is a pain release agent that assists the sufferer with headaches, muscles aches, stomach aches, or unexplained pains and discomforts, real or imagined.There is a mood stabilizer agent that will relieve irritability, agitation, and or other upsetting emotions that affect mood so that moods can be stabilized.


With continued use of the GAD Flush Empowerment the sufferer will find that the energy will support and help the sufferer of GAD function well during day to day life. The sufferer can run the energy to gain control over any distorted views of life stressors such as other people’s behavior or life events.





Some people afflicted with GAD also have issues with depression and or substance abuse which further complicate GAD. The empowerment will assist in reducing depression and will assist those who are having substance abuse issues to stop the self sabotaging habits and behaviors so that these to do exaggerate and perpetuate anxiety issues causing the sufferer to have more problems to walk through.

You will receive the manual, distant attunement directly from the founder and a certificate.













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