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Sword of Power and Justice by Gaby Solina Grill Mitterhofer


Channeling from the channeling of 07.05.07

MICHAEL EE Archangel Michael

I greet you my love, I'M MICHAEL, Archangel Michael.

I AM the creator of the sword of power and justice.

The gates open up to reality, my legions are ready to

Cooperate in the largest events of a ll times. My reputation is known

throughout the universe, to all those souls that are called, and to those who once

served under my dominion: The legions of Archangel Michael.

It is now time to wake up, and follow the call of your soul, and to

recall times long past. The time is now for the "Light Warriors" to follow your

path and to remember.

I invite you now, to join with me in

a dimension jump, to the land of Lemuria.

You will receive the manual, certificate and distant attunement

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