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Tsi Shen Yen God of Wealth Attunement by Gabriela Szafman Better Income, Attract Prosperity, Symbol of Tsai used in Feng Shui



Tsai Shen Yeh is a Taoist Wealth God who has power solve many kinds of problems.

The legend of Tsai Shen Yeh is the following:


Tsai Shen Yeh was originally a follower of Confucius.

But he felt there was no power in Confucianism.


He wanted to live a long and healthy life.


One day he had a chance visit with Lao Tzu who invited him to learn about Taoism.


He became a fervent student of Taoism and eventually he became a Taoist master.

He devised a system called Reifu which is a kind of spiritual calligraphy, a way to heal and become enlightened.

He became famous for being able to heal the sick.

People came to visit him, and he healed their illness using a combination of calligraphy and psychic healing.

He became very popular and wealthy because of this..

He made powerful medicine.

He discovered potion that can also help people to become enlightened.

He wanted to live a long life and help people.


He had many spiritual powers.

Also known as Zhang Gong Ming, he is a powerful deity who brings good fortune and protection from disasters.

He is described as being so benevolent and compassionate that he will answer all prayers and invocations made to him.

He is like a wish-fulfilling jewel making the monetary wishes of his devotees come true.


Tsai Sheng Yeh is usually depicted riding a black tiger.

Sometimes he is shown with a thick beard and a dark face.

In his hand he holds a whip, although in recent times he has also been increasingly shown holding a gold ingot.

Legends describe him as a former general of ancient China.

Buddha appointed him as “Xuan Tan Zhen Jun” to take charge of the distribution of wealth and good fortune amongst the people.

Since then he has been distributing the treasures of the earth, in the process bringing good fortune to those who invite him into their homes.

His presence is said to ensure that businesses will be free of bad debts.

Little wonder then that most businessmen usually have an image of Tsai Shen Yeh in their homes and also on their business premises.

Tsai Shen Yeh Will Help You With:


·      0;  Bringing Good Fortune

·      0;  Wealth

·      0;  Solve Financial Problems

·      0;  Attract Prosperity at Home or Business

·      0;  Long Life

·      0;  Healthy Life

·      0;  Peaceful Life

·      0;  Become more enlightened

·      0;  Healing Treatments

·      0;  Healing Ilness

·      0;  Enhance the Healing Powers of Herbs

·      0;  Protection Against Evil

·      0;  Protects from Disasters

·      0;  Fulfill Wishes



You will receive the distant attunement, manual and certificate upon request.

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