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Individual Soul Contract Reading - Delivered via Email


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Reading the Soul’s Contract

Understanding Your Purpose and Plan for this Incarnation

 As you walk the sacred path, it is helpful to understand the soul contract you created before entering the Earth Plane as this is a valuable tool that can be used to help you access the highest potential as a Soul. In reading the soul contract, Spirit may reveal past life experiences, challenges, karmic lessons, spiritual experiences that you face as you take the illuminated paths to your soul destiny. As you gain insight into your Soul contract, understanding and accepting the reason for past life events or current life experiences, this can help you to move on and heal so that you can fulfil your path of Purpose. It is possible to use all past and current experiences in a positive way, as there are lessons in all experiences, and as the karmic lessons are accessed a positive lesson is revealed even to the most negative situation, as it gives you an opportunity to clear karmic influences affecting your spiritual evolution. As you gain insight into karmic issues this gives you an opportunity to clear them as well.

Perhaps you want to know more about how you can focus on strengths and how these can be further enhanced.  Or, you may want to concentrate on how to overcome weaknesses, obstacles. Understanding your past history can help you to have a greater understanding of the current incarnation and shine light on what areas you may need to make changes so that there is greater happiness and fulfillment as you walk the eternal path.

Perhaps Spirit will reveal insight into any patterns that are sabotaging your success or spiritual progress, or insight into any past life experiences contributing to these patterns. The Soul contract reading can help you to gain valuable insight to support the intended lessons and purposes that you agreed to prior to this incarnation. As you understand the karmic lessons, this enables you to make decisions and choices that serve your highest good so that you enjoy your time on Earth rather than spending your time working through karmic issues and problems.

As you know the Soul Contract this will help you to see how you can utilize your gifts in the world, how to extract information from your contract that aids you in overcoming obstacles on the path as well as help to bring understanding and or acceptance as to the reason for certain experiences so that you can heal and continue to move forward. Perhaps you want to know your life path and purpose and are still searching for answers, or sense that there is something more for you in life. As you understand yourself on a deeper soul level you are able to retrieve valuable information, clarity, guidance and direction.

The Soul Contract Reading is a remarkably powerful reading as it can give you information on your life purpose, is a highly spiritual reading, is healing for as you are able to see glimpses of the Soul contract you are able to see into where you are on the Spiritual Journey in the present moment as well as where you are headed so that you can align your choices and decisions with your Higher Purpose.  The information retrieved is a portion of the contract as it is in the moment, however, soul contracts can be altered according to free will, Divine will, thus, as you look at where you are in the present you will see what you need to bring in as well as what you need to release that is no longer working for you.




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