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My Inner Song by Linda Kaye - Find Your Inner Song to affirm to, to live by and to take you on life's journey!


Our Inner Song is whatever is true for us as individuals in our uniqueness.  We all have our own Inner Song within us. Our Inner Song is our own inner perfect affirmation for life.  The purpose of this attunement is to help us find our own inner song to affirm to, to live by and to take us on our life’s journey. We are all unique, so our experiences with this attunement will be unique, different and totally perfect for our own individual selves.



Our Inner Song is our own special affirmation that is given to us by spirit while we are meditating during our attunement.  Affirmationsare powerful statements that we repeat over and over again in the present tense to create a certain situation and to reprogram our subconscious mind. We live our lives according to our deeper inner most beliefs about ourselves. All our innermost beliefs (negative or positive) are stored in our subconscious mind. Continually repeating affirmations for long periods of time with clarity, feeling, conviction and passion will eventually break down our most stubborn resistences.




You will receive the certificate, manual and distant attunement.

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