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The Valquiries Empowerment by Gabriela Szafman - beauty, protection, Dream profecy, sexual desire, protection, release fear, and more


In Norse mythology, the Valkyries were minor deities, servants of Odin.

The Valkyries rode in the heavens with shining armor and helped determine the victor of the battles and the course of wars.

They also served Odin as messengers and they rode as such, their armor flashed causing the strange atmospheric phenomenon called the Aurora Borealis.


When a  Valkyrie chose one as their favorite, she always protected him, esin you also magical arts and standing as a guardian for life.

The Valkyries had the gift of prophecy and, sometimes, in dreams or visions showed the dangers which should prevent protected.

Those who know the specific name of a Valkyrie could call her, because she always appeared to protect or teach. The Valkyries come to our lives, to rememberus, that as the seed must be buried in the dark earth, our spirit also needs to embrace its darkness to grow.

In each one of us is a hero, adrift between the currents of ambivalence that intersect.

In each one of us is the hero archetype, with the ability to face the challenges of life.

And the only measure by which we can be judged when it's over, it's what we've become the face of all the forces that tried to stop us.

The stories of heroes can lead us, but it is up to each respond to our call, individualizing.

The search for the true hero implies a journey of unconsciousness to the awareness of the dark depths to the heights of light, from dependence to self-sufficiency.



The Valquiries Will Help You:

·      0;  Beauty

·      0;  Protection

·      0; Prophecy  in Dreams or Visions, to show the Dangers

·      0; The Gift to see Beiond

·      0; Fertlity

·      0; To Help Spirits in their Transition

·      0; Sexual Desire

·      0; To Make and Magnetize Shields or Symbols of Protection

 To Release the Fear of Death

·      0;  Conect with Your Guardian Valquirie

·      0;  Attain Magical knowledge

You will receive the distant attunement, manual and certificate.



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