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Zhong Khui Reiki by Gabriela Yasmin Szafman - Helps protect/exorcise ghosts/evil spirits, avoid calamity, bring good fortune,


Founder: Gabriela Yasmin Szafman Zhong Khui is a figure of Chinese Mythology.

Traditionally regarded as a vanquisher of ghosts and evil beings, and reputedly able to command 80,000 demons, his image is often painted on household gates as a guardian spirit, as well as in places of business where high-value goods are involved.

In Chinese folklore, Zhong Khui is a deity who can drive away ghosts and evil beings.

Based on Chinese lunar calendar, the month of May also means that midsummer is just around the corner.

The hot weather used to bring various diseases, which would spread rampantly.

Therefore, ancient Chinese always hung the pictures of Zhong KHui on their gates to drive out the evils.

Zhong Khui Reiki Will Help:

• Exorcise Ghost and Evil Spirits

• Protection from Ghost and Evil Spirits

• Avoiding Calamity

• Bringing on Good Fortune

You will receive manual by Gabriela, distant attunement, and a certificate.


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