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Goddess Ama No Uzume- The Goddess of Laugther, Joy, Hapiness & Good Health Empowerment Gabriela Yasmin Szafman joy, happiness, laughter, relaxation


Founder: Gabriela Yasmin Szafman

The story begins with Amaterasu Omikami, the Sun Goddess. She, along with her two brothers, Susanowa (Storm God) and Tsuki-yomi (Moon God), governed the universe.

One fateful day, Susanowa, who was jealous of Amaterasu's power as the deity illuminating the world, went on a rampage, wreaking havoc in her sacred domain.

Amaterasu fell into a deep depression and in her grief exiled herself to a rock cave.

The other gods and goddesses, no matter how much they tried, could not draw her from the dark recesses of her dwelling.

The earth was covered in darkness and crops began to wither and die without her sunlight.

In desperation, they called upon Ame-no-Uzume, in hope that her healing powers of laughter would entice Amaterasu from the darkness.

Uzume entered the cave dressed in long robes which she promptly tied up above her waist.

She turned over a large tub, stood upon it and began a bawdy dance.

Making light-hearted fun of shamanistic rituals, she bared her breasts, exposed her genitals and danced wildly while drumming the tub with her feet. (According to legend, this is the origin of Taiko drumming.)

The other gods and goddesses laughed loudly at her antics and joined in with her boisterous singing and ecstatic dancing. Amaterasu, curious about all the noise, came peering out of her hiding place.

Seeing the others laughing, she abandoned her grief and emerged from the cave to once again bestow light on the world.



Goddess Uzume Will Help You With:


·      0; Joy

·      0; Happiness

·      Laughter

·      Relax

·      Gain Perspective

·      Find Humor in Your Life

Good Health

You will receive the manual, certificate, distant attunement


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