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Abydos Triad Attunements by Jens Tehuti Soeborg Attunement to Isis, Osiris, Horus, and Abydos Triad - 4 Powerful Eqyptian Attunements


Abydos Triad Attunements (LightWorker™ Series)

Channelling and manual by

Jens “Tehuti” Søeborg

From the Founder, Jens Soeborg. 'On my recent travel to Egypt I was also visiting the temples in Abydos. By the temple of Seti I we can also find the grave of Osiris. Abydos, in Kemetic Abdu or Abdju, was the main place for the worship of Osiris, but also the Abydos Triad – Osiris, his wife Isis and their son Horus.

LightWorker™ Abydos Triad Attunements (one manual)

Isis (Aset) Attunement

Osiris (Wsir) Attunement

Horus (Heru) Attunement

Abydos Triad Attunement

The 4 Attunements

These 4 Attunements are created after I came back from my second visit to Egypt. They can be given or taken all 4 or just one of them. That is entirely up to you. They can be passed on using the Chi-ball Method, Higher Self Method or any other method.

You will receive the four distant attunements, the manual and a certificate.

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