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Zhu Gong Business & Success Reiki - Business Money Income, Wealth, Riches, Business Foresight, Be a Leader, Handle People, Good Relations, Focus, More


Founder: Gabriela Yasmin Szafman

Zhu Gong was a great strategist and thinker of the early Zhou Dynasty.

Ancient Chinese believed that when something important will happen to someone, Zhou Gong will let the person know in his dream.

Zhu Gong was an outstanding statesman, thinker and strategist of the Spring and Autumn Period.

He was also a businessman that had the knack of making money.

After his resignation, he lived in seclusion with his family in Taodi, where he amassed lots of wealth though farming, livestock raising and doing business, becoming an extremely rich man.

Later, he distributed his wealth to local people.

His business operating wisdom and generosity was highly praised by the people, who worshiped him as the God of Wealth.

As a God that can bring in wealth and riches, the God of Wealth is worshiped by most Chinese.

Zhu Gong Reiki Will Help:

• Receive Messages in Dreams

• Enhance Business Money Income

• Brings Wealth , Riches, Prosperity and Good Luck

• Ability to have Business Foresight

• Be a Leader

• Enhance Good Relations

• To Know People's Character

• Know How to Handle People

• To Stay Focused on the Business and in Life

• To Be More Organized

• To Be More Adaptable

• Control Credit

• Ability to use and deploy people

• Be Able to Articulate and Market

• Ability to Excel in Purchasing

• Know How to Analyze Market Opportunities and Threats

You will receive the manual, distant attunement and a certificate.

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