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Goddess Hsi Shih Beauty, Perfumes & Cosmetics Empowerment by Gabriela - self confidence/esteem, inner power, charisma, glamour, attraction, beauty


Goddess Hsi Shih Beauty, Perfumes & Cosmetics Empowerment

Founder:Gabriela Yasmin Szafman

You will receive the manual, a certificate and distant attunement.


Daughter of a tea merchant in the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 B.C.), she was famous for her beauty.

Whether slim or plump, fully dressed or naked, her exquisite features took beholders' breath away.

She even looked stunning first thing in the morning.

The Prince Wu soon got to hear of this delightful female and summoned her to appear at court.

With Hsi Shih by his side, he soon forgot all about his princely duties, fell into a political daze and was promptly overthrown by supporters of the exiled King Yue.

Meanwhile Hsi Shih, having helped rid the country of a corrupt ruler, lived happily ever after on the proceeds of an endless stream of face cream endorsements.

Hsi Shi (pronounced SHE shur) is the Chinese Goddess of face creams and perfumes.

She is one of the Four Beauties of ancient China, and was so beautiful that fish forgot to swim and birds forgot to fly when they saw her.

Goddess Hsi Shih Will Help You:

• Beauty

• Glamour

• Sensual

• Graceful

• Charm

• Joy

• Inspiration

• Attraction

• Wellbeing

• Increase Self Confidence

• Increase Self Esteem

• Enhance Your Inner Power

• Enhance Your Charisma

• Awaken Your Divine Inner Goddess Aspects


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