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Goddess Abundance, Success, Wealth, Prosperity, Fortune, Luck Package MORE THAN 50% off PLUS BOGO

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This powerful Goddess package is designed to connect you to the Goddess energies to attract abundance, wealth, succcess, prosperity, good fortune, luck, money, etc. You will receive the manuals and distant attunements. A Certificate for the package is available upon request.  No substitutions please. Retail value 1300.00

  1. Mother Goddess Empowerment
  2. Rainbow Dragon
  3. Money Blessings of Kuan Yin
  4. The Love Dance of Ezili Freda Reiki
  5. Gaia Goddess
  6. Abundantia Abundance Ray
  7. Blessings of Swan Goddess Caer
  8. Prosperity Light of the Goddess Euthenia
  9. Goddess Albunea
  10. Kurukullla The Dakini of Magic and Enchantments
  11. Nine Durgas Manifestation Ray
  12. Radiant Power of Goddess Kurukulla
  13. Lakshmi Tmpowerment for Wealth and Success
  14. Opulent Energy of Ops
  15. Sacred Laxmi
  16. Goddess Copia
  17. Goddess Saki Yama Hime Wealth Initiation
  18. Ahurani Fertility Ray
  19. Goddess Gefjon
  20. Felicities Money Ray
  21. Goddess Aine Love and Sex Therapist
  22. Goddess Tyche
  23. Empowered Goddess Within
  24. Chantico Goddess of Fire and Fertility
  25. Joyful Sexuality of Fliadis
  26. Angali 2012 Co Creation
  27. Lakshmi Power Reiki
  28. Manesa Devi
  29. Wisdom of Success
  30. Compassion and Gifts of Kuan Yin
  31. Vasundhara Goddess of Abundance
  32. Miracles of Goddess Nantosuela
  33. Goddess Nu Wa

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