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Karnak Temple Empowerment -


 Karnak Temple Empowerment is an empowerment in a series of Egyptian Power Places. The Karnak Temple was the dwelling place of Amon-Ra.

Empowerments.  The Egyptian series are all inspired by the two travels in Egypt  the founder has made. The first one was a trip to Hurgada, where the founder visited Cairo and the Giza and around Luxor as well. The second trip was a Nile cruise and the second week around Luxor.

You can use the empowerments just to be one with those energies, but you can also “be” on that “Power Place” when you receive attunement or you send attunement to others. The energy is also great for meditations, where you can “be” in that “Power Place” as well.

You will receive the manual, certificate and distant attunement

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