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Inner Child Healing Package Eight 120 Minute Sessions


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The Inner Child is the joyful, innocent, yet vulnerable, aspect of the Self that the God force flows through. It is this emotional-spiritual child aspect on a creative level that knows no bounds and where passion creates a positive force in the world. The healthy inner child seeks happiness, has an open heart, is willing to trust and form deep meaningful relationships and takes risks to grow and evolve. The healthy inner child pushes the outside of the envelope and says to life’s dreams and opportunities, “let’s go for it!!!!!

When the inner child is wounded, the emotional heart can feel heavy, depressed, and fearful. Negative emotions can be triggered years after the situations/phase of life that created them. Inner child healing can deactivate the triggers associated with difficult situations, allowing the individual to move on without the ‘sting’ of the past. The wisdom from the past is retained. Trust is a quality of the heart. Inner child healing is the key that opens the heart to trust and love again.


Each Healing Session in this package is 120 minutes.

The first Session of this package helps you to get in touch with your inherent power, to remember that you are an inherently empowered, compassionate being of unlimited potential and that there are unlimited possibilities availed to you - always. It will remove any ignorance to one's full potential and connect one to whom one really is. It will remove blocks and issues which cause one to forget who one really is. It will connect one to one's inner strength and remove any pessimistic attitudes and or negativity.


 The second session in this package reconnects one to one's inner child, the complete being full of creativity, playfulness, wholeness and spontaneity that one began one's childhood as.  This session will work on healing the wounded child within, one's subconscious, body and emotions, so that the wounded child is not holding onto everything one has ever experienced.

Session three : Unhealed childhood issues will be healed so that they are no longer contributing to the conflicts and problems experienced as an adult. These issues will no longer remain with you causing you problems to walk through and cause physical illnesses or cause you to project negativity and pessimism into the world around you. This session will work on the root causes for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual causes of illness resulting from a wounded inner child.

Session Four :  This session will connect you with your inherent greatness and remove limitations you have imposed upon yourself so that you can live and create the life you truly desire in your heart of hearts. Tendency towards withdrawing and shielding and protecting the Self due to fear of being hurt or abandoned will be released so that you can give and receive love, trust self and others, and stop allowing emotions to limit your happiness. As the wounded child within receives this healing energy you will re-remember your true essence and stop denying the person you are. Childhood emotional wounds will no longer cause you to withdrawal and impose limitations your life and path.

Session five will work on extensively healing wounds from childhood, powerfully  healing, and reintegrating one with one's Inner Child so that one can again feel whole, and become a complete human being, and realize your true and full potential and regain your personal power. This session opens the gateway so that you can reclaim your full potential.

Session six will assist you in breaking break free of limiting and disempowering beliefs and heal from the root causes on the deepest levels of your being. This session is powerfully healing and nurturing. It will heal unresolved issues and needs of your Inner Child so that you can heal, and begin to parent yourself and nurture your own Inner Child.

Session Seven will release frozen emotional wounds in your psyche, limiting beliefs due to Inner Child wounds and transform them into self-empowering habits.

Session Eight will reconnect you to your Inner Child, in such a way that you are able to maintain and develop the connection, and can play and have fun with your Inner Child, reconnecting to the joy, laughter, and humor that runs through everyday life. It will help you to enjoy the simply things in life. It will release pain and repressed emotions of early childhood issues and traumas. Fear, shame, guilt, resentment and other lower natured emotions will be released. Limiting beliefs will be transformed and tendency towards self criticism will be replaced with self nurturing so that you can be your own best friend.

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