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Aeternetitas- Eternity Goddess Empowerment by Gabriela Szafman - beauty, health, renewal, long life, wellness, youth


Founder: Gabriela Yasmin Szafman

Aeternitas, or Eternitas, is the Roman Goddess Who is the personification of eternity.

She seems to be a somewhat late addition to the Roman pantheon, and was featured on many coins of the Imperial era.

Like other abstract concepts which were made into Goddesses, Aeternitas was often used as an attribute of the Emperor or Imperial family as a sort of public relations maneuver.




Aeternitas could be depicted in many ways with a variety of attributes, most of them clearly symbolizing the everlasting. Commonly She is shown holding the rayed sun and crescent moon in either hand, or the heads of the Sun-God Sol and the Moon-Goddess Luna.

As the lights of the day and night they represented time; additionally the ancients thought that the sun and moon were eternal and everlasting, and though modern science knows better now, 5 billion years (the time it will take for the sun to become a red giant and swallow up the earth) is still pretty close to eternity, from the human point of view.

Aeternitas was often shown with a globe, either holding it or seated upon it; the globe, too, as a circle or sphere, symbolizes eternity as well as completeness, and is a symbol of dominion appropriate to an Empire.

Sometimes a phoenix is shown with Her or standing upon the globe: this mythical bird represented immortality and longevity, as it was said to periodically immolate itself in a fire from which it emerged renewed.

Goddess Aeternitas Will Empower You With:

• Youth

• Wellness

• Beauty

• Health

• Renewal

• Long Life


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