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Supreme Light High Energy - Astral Travel, increases physical, mental, spiritual energy, brings positive mental attitude, cleanses energetic obstacles


Supreme Light High Energy are beautiful and powerful high vibration energy, to aid  your astral travel... to connect the the astral plane to the physical plane. Its highest spiritual vibration take you still being in your physical body. Thus increasing physical, mental and spiritual energy and bringing positive mental attitude.

Supreme Light High Energy for healing  is capable of cleansing your energetic obstacles. By the increased feeling of self respect and self love Supreme Light High Energy also help you understand your own emotional obstructions. Purified by the Supreme Light High Energy shine up to the eternity and be perfect. That bring you inner peace and a feeling of calm. It is as well capable of casting away the negative emotions and thoughts that might want to find their way to you.

It is able of reaching deep into us and opening much more spiritual doors and is attracting the manifestation of abundance and fulfillment of the desires or undertaking you can only dare to imagine even help you accomplish it. This aid you to finding your spirit guide and to attune you to the white light of the Divine essence. This may boost your powers of perception, giving you almost visionary ability and allow eyesight improvement and healing. This energy related with sahasrara chakra/crown chakra.


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