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Goddess Nu Wa Attunement - Chinese Goddess of Creation-open inner divine doors/windows of opportunity and prosperity, expand true self, abundance


Linda Kaye, Authored and Founded this system.

You will receive the manual by Author, and Founder, Linda Kaye, as well as the distant attunement, and certificate with lineage.

Goddess Nu Wa is one of the most popular goddesses in Chinese custom. She is worshipped both as the intermediary between men and women, and as the goddess who grants children. She invented the whistle, instituted marriage and instructed mankind in the art of building dams and channels for irrigation. Nu Wa is also credited with the restoration of the universe after it had been devastated by the monster Gong Gong.



Goddess Nu Way has taught me that you don’t have to live within your limitations. With Nu Wa’s help you can open up your inner divine doors and windows of opportunity and prosperity and expand your true self. You can go beyond the limitations you placed upon yourself as a young child and as an adult and live outside of that invisible box you have placed around yourself. She can help you with relationships, your personal and spiritual growth, abundance and prosperity, love and more. The power is within us to create what we want out of our lives. When we are born, inspite of our karma, we are given a clean slate to create. It is up to us to follow our path and our purpose and to fulfill our dreams and goals. We have no one to blame but ourselves, because the “creator” lives in each and everyone of us. It is up to us to shine.




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