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Soul Growth Reading delivered by email - Explore Soul Growth Issues for Life Change, Deeper meaning of patterns, Uncover Hidden Talents/Gifts, More

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Soul Growth Reading delivered by email



The Soul Growth Reading will help you to explore deeply the soul growth issues of this lifetime in order to facilitate a life change, or find deeper meaning of a life pattern or repetitive cycle and uncover hidden gifts and talents. The session is given in a meditative state, is a channeled reading and is guided from your deepest souls longing.


The soul growth reading identifies life patterns and issues that may be blocking you from fulfilling your passion or destiny. Spirit may also reveal to you insight into your family heritage, beliefs and images that have passed down generationally and hold you hostage in a negative love bond relationship. These beliefs can orient around personal, interpersonal, career, and spiritual growth issues. A Soul Growth reading is not the type of reading that predicts your future rather it gives you insight into your personal inner healing journey.


A Soul Growth Reading may help unravel the greater mystery of your spiritual gifts or help you understand and heal patterns within your life. The information imparted in a Soul growth reading can guide you to release negative patterns and live from an internal place of immanent grace.


If you choose you can email any struggles or problems that you know you have experienced and or are experiencing. It is possible that Spirit will reveal insight into specific issues you mention if Spirit feels that this insight is most valuable to you at this time. Ultimately though, Spirit will reveal to you what Spirit feels is most important to help you discover your inner potential to heal and grow. Sometimes you will be surprised and or perhaps even deeply touched when you receive information from Spirit about something that you never considered or thought of as important to heal. Be open and receptive to whatever information is revealed to you as the information is given from the Akashic records and thereby is quite important to the soul.





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