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Goddess Dahut - beauty, sensuality, enhance romance, enhance energy treatments, protection from enemies, more


Founder: Gabriela Yasmin Szafman

With your purchase you will receive the manual by author and founder, Gabriela Szafman, as well as the distant attunement and a certificate.

Dahut was a beautiful child and her Mother taught her the ways of the Ancient Ones.

Dahut loved her Mother but often dreamed of her father and a great city by the sea.

The Dreams continued through out her childhood and She journeyed to see him when she became of age.

She asked her father to build her a city where she could be near him but avoid persecution from the Christians.

Out of love for his daughter he built her a city by the sea with a great wall around it.

It was the most beautiful city in the world with a great white Temple built to the Goddess.

The city was called Y's. It became know throughout Brittany and became a center of trade, wealth and luxuries poured into Y's.

Dahut led her people in the Ancient Ways of the Goddess and life was good.

Dahut grew to be breathtakingly beautiful.

She was the talk of all Brittany, the object of every young man's desire. She studied with the finest scholars in the land.

Music filled her soul and Her voice won the hearts of all who heard Her song.

Goddess Dahut Will Empower You With:

 Beauty

 Sensuality

 Enhance Romance

 Enhance Your Energy Treatments

 Bring Magic to Your Life

 Invible Protection from Enemies


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