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Magic Attunement Package MEGA SALE ITEM PLUS BOGO

$149.99 $1,200.00

As a bonus you will receive an attunement package of equal or lesser value free.

The Magic Package includes attunement by chi ball call in method, the manuals, and a certificate for the package. There are no substitutions however this bundle is quite a bargain even if you have received a few on this list.  If you bought these systems individually the cost would be over 1200.00. You will receive the manuals, distant attunements.

  1. Magick Star Reiki
  2. Dragons of Light
  3. Magick of Pan Reiki
  4. Magick Balance and Harmony
  5. Magick of t he Four Seasons
  6. Magic of the Unicorn
  7. Magick and Beauty of the Maple Empowerment
  8. Magick and Abundance of the Pine and Cedar Empowerment
  9. Magick and Healing Inspiration of the Willow Empowerment
  10. Magick and Strength of the Oak Empowerment
  11. Magick and Healing of Sweet Basil
  12. Gwragedd Annwn Welsh Water Faery Empowerment
  13. Arcadia Queen of the Witches
  14. Djinn
  15. Goddess Circe Magical Empowerment
  16. Magickal Tailsman
  17. Magical Crystal Lightworker Program
  18. Zhang Guo Lao Spiritual Magical Power Reiki
  19. Ethereal Flowers 1
  20. Ethereal Flowers 2
  21. Ceremonial White Magick
  22. Ethereal Herbs
  23. Magical Lightworker Program
  24. Ethereal Crystals 1-9
  25. Ethereal Crystals 10-12
  26. Full Moon Inner Goddess
  27. Moon Reiki
  28. Magic Reiki
  29. New Moon Manifestation
  30. Pagan Wheel of the Year
  31. Goddess  Ostara
  32. Magical Flowers
  33. Greenman
  34. Wiccan God and Goddess Connection
  35. Green Trilogy
  36. Magical Shaman
  37. Gypsy Magic
  38. Pagan Elemental
  39. Paraldas
  40. Spell Clearing
  41. Magic of Merlin
  42. Wisdom of Merlin
  43. Magic Protection 1-3
  44. Magic Protection Advanced
  45. Samhain Empowerment
  46. Samhain All Hallows Eve Empowerment
  47. Magickal Soul Rising
  48. Magickal Dolphin
  49. Magickal Color Reiki
  50. Magickal of Feminine Vibration

One certificate for the package is included with your purchase

Which free attunement package of equal or lesser value would you like with your purchase?

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