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Lady Asherah of the Sea- The Creator of Gods empowerment by Gabriela Szafman - wisdom, protection, fertility, blessings, love, divination, healing


Founder: Gabriela Yasmin Szafman




She is often confused with Ashtart (better known by Her Greek name, Astarte), as well as Anat, and the three may all represent differing aspects of the same Great Goddess.

Athirat is associated with the Tree of Life, and a famous ivory box-lid of Mycenean workmanship found at Ugarit, dating from 1300 BCE, shows Her as symbolically representing the Tree.

She wears an elaborate skirt and jewelry, and though topless Her hair is delicately dressed; She is smiling, and in Her hands She holds wheat sheaves, which She offers to a pair of goats.


Goddess Asherah Will Help You With:

• Wisdom

• Protection

• Fertility

• Bringing Blessings to the Family

• Help achieve Your Goals & dreams

• Help With Childbirth

• Love

• Divination

• Kindness

• Healing


Athirat is the Canaanite Earth and Mother Goddess, called "Creator of the Gods", who is also known as Asherah.

The God El, (the name just means "God") is Her brother and husband.

She is famed for Her great wisdom and as such acts as El's counsellor.

She is known for Her protective attitude and kindliness towards Her many children, and frequently persuades El to act on their behalf.

She was said to be the mother of the seventy gracious Gods, as well as the Gods Ba'al and Athtar the Terrible, the King of the Earth who is perhaps a desert God, Marah, a benevolent Water-Goddess, and Anat, the Maiden Warrior Goddess.


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