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Archangel Healing Rays Healing Sessions Four 90 Minute Sessions - Archangels, Ariel Ray, Raphael Ray, Michael Ray, Gabriel Ray


regular price 199.99, intro offer 99.99

Each session is 90 minutes. There are four sessions included in this package. The Archangels provide clarity, healing and direction for you on your path. It is suggested you create an intention for each session with the Archangels to receive the greatest value from your sessions. Prior to the sessions please email me your reason for seeking the sessions and your intentions for healing.


These sessions allows individuals to connect to the energies of the Archangels, to deepen intuition and various forms of creativity, and to experience a profound level of self-love and healing. The Archangels can reintroduce ourselves to skills we may have forgotten. Choose any one of the following.


1) Ariel Ray: Understand and accomplish your purpose fully - within family and society, in a gentle and caring way. Heal family ties and allow for all levels of your life to flow more smoothly.  


2) Archangel Gabriel Ray:

Re-connect with the creative angel within - express your true spirit! Feel our creative flow and reignite the passion within! Find balance with your life, passion, love creative self and work with his assistance.


3) Archangel Raphael Ray:

Heal the angel within with the Archangel of Healing. He assists individuals to love Self and others with compassion. Heal past, present and future and receive a connection to the angels so you can ask them for help, feel worthy, receive it and even experience bliss if you choose.


4) Archangel Michael Ray :

Ground your purpose with intention and receive fulfillment on all levels. Empower yourself as a LightWorker ; connect with the tasks at hand to work with earth changes. Michael connects you and your heart to Spirit and Earth. Feel grounded unlike ever before and empower yourself to accomplish your life's work, whatever that goal may be.


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