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Angel Reiki for Children


Angel Reiki for Children

founded by: Edite Peca & Bea Schwartz

Angel Reiki for Children is a distant Reiki

attunement that will connect you with 20

angels. These angel will help and guide

children in personal development. Angel

Reiki for Children also helps guide you

with recommendations for semi-precious

stones and colors to soothe children



The manual explains the 20 different

archangels and what their purpose is in

healing children.

The manual also teaches you what colors can assist a child on particular things

they need healing with. It is my personal belief that children are very open and

receptive to subtleties like color healing, archangels, gemstones and other

metaphysical energies. Therefore children can easily use this type of energy if

you choose to share it with them.


The attunement is for adults. We can choose to attune our own children with it

or just use it on them. I think anyone that has children or works with children can

benefit from this activation.


The manual gives you many situations that children can be faces with and how

to use the energies of Angel Reiki for Children, as well as color therapies,

gemstones energies and such in helping children through those situations.



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