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Soul Counseling Reading - Hear from the Higher Self, Your Larger Consciousness, Your Own Higher Intelligence


regular price 150.00

This reading is designed to allow you to ask for Divine Consciousness, your own Higher Intelligence to be present and assist you with the most relevant topics to address for your soul''s growth . This reading allows Spirit to guide the way. You will hear from your Higher Self, your Larger Consciousness - and sometimes takes the form of Angels or Guides in providing insight into whatever topic is most important for you at this time. Sometimes the reading provides practical solutions to everyday needs regarding money, relationships, work or health. This reading allows you to 'go direct' to your own inner voice so that you know what is the next step for you. The reading may reveal insight into what your soul is here to do. As you hear directly from your own inner voice you are guided safely on your soul path. The reading often brings feelings of safety, security, or feeling loved. As you connect to the soul you connect to deep peace that you long for. This reading may provide insight into how to let abundance into your life without struggle, or guide you towards your true life work or give you insight into how to attract love into your life. It may reveal insight into your spiritual gifts. You will hear from your Higher Self about whatever information the Soul deems as most important to you. This reading is lenghty and detailed. It is a channeled reading and is delivered by email.


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