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Soul Retrieval Session



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"In shamanism, according to Sandra Ingerman, author of Soul Retrieval, Mending the Fragmented Self, there are three major causes of illness: loss of soul, loss of power, and what is commonly called "intrusions." When people suffer trauma, she writes, the shamanic perspective maintains that part of the soul splinters off, causing soul loss, power loss and disease. Psychologists call this phenomenon "disassociation." In the shamanic framework, disassociated parts of ourselves can be located in other realities. The shamanic healer "journeys" to non-ordinary reality to retrieve lost or stolen soul parts, obtain power animals and guidance for the client, and extract any intrusions (misplaced energy) present in the person's body or aura."

It is believed that each time you have a trauma in your life you lose a piece of your soul.

Symptoms of Soul Loss







Depression Sadness

Something missing


Feeling Stuck


The symptoms of soul loss are different for everyone.

 SOUL RETRIEVAL - is a process where actual pieces of our 'souls' that have been fragmented, cut off, 'stolen' by other beings, often through some trauma or unhealed emotions are 'retrieved', healed and put back into our 'soul bodies' where they belong. The reasons for 'soul loss' can be from childhood, from other lifetimes, or in other space-time dimensions or parallel lifetimes. Issues dealt with may include career and life purpose, relationships, physical disease and pain, prosperity, self-esteem, forgiveness, addictions to alcohol, drugs, food, and work, incest and rape, trauma from accidents and surgery, and unresolved past-life challenges.

My method of returning the soul pieces is very easy and gentle. I use the assistance of your Angels, Guides and Master Healers to help in returning and healing the soul pieces. After the pieces are returned, I heal the returned soul fragments so that they will not leave again. With 'gracefull erasure' of any associated difficulties the 'soul energies' naturally come back and re integrate into your Soul and Self.

You can expect results like these from a Soul Retrieval Session:

Recovery from traumatic experiences

Reconnection to one’s true self

Restoration of sense of purpose

Opening of heart energies

Balancing of chakras

Ability to release the past

Assists willingness to forgive

Release from feeling “stuck”

Assisting the body to heal itself

A sense of freedom to feel joy and love

Mental and emotional clarity

Strengthening of healthy boundaries

Awakening connection to all living things and the Divine

Expanding consciousness

Feel 'fuller' of your own energies, feel more 'whole', more relaxed in being your Self

New Energies of support, relaxing, just feeling good

New Clarity in how soul & spiritual energies work

New & Past Relationships will change towards balance and respect between Souls

Feeling clearer about what your Soul really wants to do


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