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MORE THAN 50% OFF Soul Activation Healing Session


Reg. Price 199.99

This Activation healing session allows you to align with your soul. A powerful clearing, healing, balancing and purifying will take place to release unconscious blocks from all layers of your energy field and centers, including the chakras. Once your energetic bodies are cleared you are ready for the alignment of your soul. The energy centers in your body will be cleansed, cleared and balanced. The energetic bodies will be calibrated. As the lower bodies of the energetic system are healed you can move forward on your soul's path of purpose. During the session you may go into a ''Divine Sleep'' where you are assisted in repair of your systems.

A Soul Activation Session clears anything that has been holding you back in life so that you can create and live a life you really love. The energy will support you in taking actions to transform your life so that it is in alignment with your hearts desires and soul's intentions for this incarnation.

The Activation will help you to align with your Soul, soul purpose and be grounded enought to take action.  Distortion caused by past life trauma can disrupt your energy connection to your purpose making you feel discouraged and not good enough, procrastinate and hold back from what you know you need to do, rush forward with projects too quickly and not ground them into reality, or not even have any idea what you want to do and create in your life. These distortions will be cleared and the past life traumas healed so that these no longer block your progress.


You will be fully aligned with the energies of the earth, easing ascension symptoms and activating an expanded connection with your own inner source of all guidance and knowing: YOUR SOUL. You will experience an acclerated manifestation of your inspired vision. Resistance to accessing your innate wisdom will be also be removed during the session. Physical and emotional symptoms related to the Ascension process will be given healing to help ease them as you evolve and expand your consciousness.  A deep energetic ''god seed'' will be activated inside you that will accelerate your opening into your awakened self.

A deep ''settling'' of the body, that is to say, a cellular relaxation occurs. Many report feeling the energy moving in the body from inside and outside and feeling a deep profound peace. This will rejuvenate your being as you feel spirit’s love envelop you electromagnetically. Dormant DNA will begin to be activated.

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