Gaia Goddess of Seasons, Abundance, Fertility and Love by Gabriela - Mystical Powers, Telekinetic Power, Clairvoyance, Abundance, Prosperity, More


Founder: Gabriela Yasmin Szafman


Mother Goddess of the Seasons, Abundance, Fertility, Love, Healing,Empowerment, Enrichment.

Gaea "the Deep-Breasted One", is the ancientGreek Goddess of the Earth, considered by Hesiod "the oldest ofdivinities".

She was said to be the child of Ether (Air) and Hemera(Day), though some said She was born directly from Chaos with Eros (Love) andNyx (Night).

She is credited with creatingthe Universe, and is known as the mother of many.


Gaea is considered the Mother of All, who nourishesand cares for Her children, and brings rich blessings.


Gaea as the ever-present Earth was invoked in oaths asa witness, and as one who being All, knew all, was considered a goddess ofprophecy: the Olympian oracle was Hers, and the famous oracle at Delphi wasoriginally Hers, before Apollo either stole it,or before it was passed down through Her daughter Phoebe to Him.


Gaea in a reading indicates a time of fruitfulness andbright blessings, of nourishment and fulfillment.Alternate spellings: Gaia, Ge.

In Greek mythology, she created the Universe and gave birth to both the first race of gods (theTitans) and the first humans.

She was known as the supreme goddess by humans andgods alike.

She presided over marriages and oaths and was honoredas a prophetess

Goddess Gaea Will Help You With:


·      0;Enhancing Your Mystical Powers in Energy Works

·      0;Bringing Life Essence to Your Life and of Others

·      0;Giving Great Power in Healing

·      0;Enhancing Your Telekinetic Power

·      0;Enhance Your Energy Treatments

·      0;Enhance Your Femininity

·      0;Fertility Problems

·      0;Solving Relations and Love Problems

·      0;Bringing Love inYour Life

·      0;Enhancing Clairvoyance for Tarot Reading and in Dreams

·      0;Power

·      0;Nurturing

·      0;Be More in Contact with Nature

·      0;Abundance and Prosperity for Yourself, Business and Others

·      0;Protection for Yourself, Children, House and Business


In this System there is  1 Symbol. Attunement comes with Manual and Certificate.


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