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Intuitive Clarity Clearing Session - Remove Barriers to Intuitive Clarity once and for all!



Intuitive Clarity Clearing Session - 120 Minutes

Reg. Price, 99.99 Intro offer, 49.99


This session is for those who are struggling with their intuitive abilities. Often there are barriers present such as struggling to trust the information you receive, fear that you might get something wrong, fear of what other people think about your abilities, old soul contracts, etc. This clearing session is designed to break through those barriers. The energy will give your life a huge push forward and beyond the barriers to Intuitive Clarity. As a result of this deep level soul clearing you will release the barriers that have been standing in your way.

As a result of this clearing…


Your clairsentience may open in such a way that you feel the release occurring.

Many people report sensations in their body, clearer eyesight, and expanded awareness.

Your energy may shift so that you experience an increased excitement and motivation to “open.”

Your Inner knowing may be amplified providing you with sudden inspirations and messages.

Your psychic senses may start expanding.

This session is a distant clearing session and lasts 120 minutes.



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