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Consecrating the Light Lightbody Activation Ascension Attunement MEGA Package -Advance Your Ascension Path, Soul Growth PLUS BOGO

$249.99 $2,500.00

reg price 2500.00

With your purchase you will receive an attunement package of equal or lesser value free

 The Consecrating the Light Lightbody Activation Ascension Attunement package© focuses on assisting you in the light body ascension process so that you experience more awareness, enlightenment, and advancement on your ascension path and soul growth, goals and purposes!I These attunements can open many new areas of your energetic fields and this can transpire into your physical life as well.  This package is particularly effective with the Lightbody Activation Ascension Healing Package. m/apps/webstore/products/show/3292831

his offer may not be combined with any other offer. With your purchase you will the manuals and distant attunements. One Certificate for the package will also be provided. There are no substitutions allowed. Even if you received some of the manuals in this package this is quite a bargain as the systems included are valued at over $2500.00

  1. Consecrating the Light Mantras
  2. Cognitive Upgrade
  3. Aura Infusions System
  4. Sunstone LIghtbody
  5. Luminous Energy Field
  6. Responsive Nada
  7. Kundalini Omega
  8. ORangeBubble Light
  9. Karma REmover and Light Body Mantra
  10. Ascensions Symptoms Flush
  11. Awakening the LIght Codes of Atlantis
  12. Mahatma Avatar
  13. Anilos 999
  14. Ascendency Energy 999
  15. Intuition 999
  16. LIght Particular
  17. Prosondo LIght
  18. Rainbow Water
  19. Energetic Systems Repair
  20. Energy Levels Tranmutation Device
  21. Empath Protection Activation
  22. Telepathy Gene
  23. Multidimensional Awareness
  24. Multidimensional Self
  25. 3rd Eye Psychic Empowerment
  26. High White Energy Transmitter
  27. Auric Blockages Sweeper
  28. Heart of Gold 999
  29. Bliss Light Body Activation
  30. Ascension Vibration
  31. Rainbow LIght Healing 1
  32. Rainbow LIght Healing 2
  33. Rainbow LIght Healing 3
  34. Mahatma Ascension and Enlightenment
  35. Spiritual Transmutation and Purification
  36. Herkimer Diamond Ray
  37. Karmic Council
  38. Mahatma God's Grid
  39. Soul Care 1
  40. Soul Care 2
  41. Soul Care 3
  42. Soul Care 4
  43. Soul Care 5


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