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Soul and Energy Cleansing Session 180 Minutes


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Feeling stuck and wanting to move forward? That may not be as hard as you think. In a Soul And Energy cleansing trauma energy  that block your Life Force and wellbeing will be released. Wellbeing is already all around you as well as IN you. In order to experience it however, you need to be aligned with it and thus you will be aligned with wellbeing in this session. Thoughts and beliefs that you are separate from it and from the Source will be released. The soul and energy cleansing will release whatever you think obstructs your connection with wellbeing by bringing love and forgiveness to parts of you that you don’t believe (either consciously or unconsciously) are lovable.


Since you entered the earth plane you have formed beliefs and truths from your family, parents, society, media, peers, friends, and the like. The beliefs and patterns are limiting and keep the true self - the true nature hidden from you. Because of this your True, Divine Nature has been hidden. This session is designed to clear these blockages and heal the inability to allow the True and radiant self to shine forward. As a result your Highest Expression as a Soul will come forward and your Soul Radiance will shine. You will be free to be your true self.


All suffering originates from the mind. At the core of all suffering, whether it is physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, is a thought, which if thought often enough has grown into a belief, that we are not lovable and separate from our Creator. In essence, at the core of all suffering is guilt or shame – a fear that we are flawed and don’t deserve love. This may or may not be a conscious belief. These sabotaging beliefs will be released.


You will be re-aligned with truth which is that you have never been bad or broken. You don’t need fixing. You’re not wrong or bad for anything you feel or have felt or have ever done. All of the negative feelings and actions you have experienced have merely been the result of a belief in being separate from your Goodness. You are totally lovable, just as you are, right now in this moment.


Since many of us came into this lifetime with a conscious or unconscious belief that we were separate from Source, as Soul we projected that belief outward and manifested family situations that reflected our feelings of guilt and beliefs of being "not good enough" or "bad." Consequently, you may have experienced some very abusive situations. When we carry self-separating thoughts inside us, we manifest self-separating circumstances. Unfortunately for many of us, we’ve carried these beliefs into adulthood, believing that we are somehow bad and separate from love. This can cause a frantic search to find ways to numb ourselves from the pain, looking for some kind of “high” or energy rush to make us feel better. Often we try to fill up the hole inside with something from the outside: another person, food, alcohol, fantasy, and other addictions. These patterns and beliefs will be released.


As we continue our life path we experience so many things - stress, jobs, family problems and issues, financial issues, peer pressure, relationships… and all of these imprints upon our soul need to be removed from the soul level. During the session these imprints will be removed so that we no longer continue to live with false beliefs, negative thought forms, negative attitudes, self sabotaging, limiting, destructive thoughts, behaviors, stored emotions, and the like. All of these cause areas of disrepair upon the soul. Thus, the soul will be cleansed of these negative imprints so that our highest expression as a Soul shines forward and we operate from the Higher Self rather than being trapped in the basement of the Lower Self/lower natured thoughts/emotions/beliefs/behaviors. Our true, authentic, Divine Soul will then shine forward in truth, beauty, clarity, and in true freedom.


This Soul and Energy Cleansing Session assists you in connecting with and opening to your own inner Source of love and healing. Once you’ve made that connection, a natural, organic outcome is to want to surrender to it, to turn your life over to it more and more. This comes about naturally because nothing feels as good as being aware of God’s love and healing for us.

This will take 180 minutes. It is best to do the energy work three 60 minute sessions with at least 24 hours between each session.

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