Masters Healing Light Academy of Natural Healing and Spiritual Development


7 Rays of Light Series: Green Ray of Light Initiation by Gabriela Szafman


Founded by Gabriela Yasmin Szafman

The Green Ray of Light is the fifth Ray of white Light .

The green Ray of light represents concretization, crystallization of substance, knowledge and science.

The green Flame is the Flame of balance and Truth.

It leads to analysis and development of ideas, especially Divine ideas and impulses that have been conceived in the First ray of the Blue fame. Those ideas ultimately and inevitably produce wisdom and light.

The fifth Ray of light brings the energy of exploration which might eventually produce separation and crystallization.

The discernment and thoroughness with which the green Ray operates produce in the mind of man an act of final understanding and revelation of the Truth.

This is the Ray of concentration, as a manifestation of the undisturbed sustained attention, which is attained by consecration.

In the green Flame we recognize the seat of the physical healing and perfection.


Thursday is the day when the fifth green Ray especially strongly manifests its energies.


Archangel Raphael is an Angel of healing and consecration. A physician, minister, student and every devotee, who out of his/her free will consecrates his/her strength to serve life, stand under the special blessing and protection.

Archangel Raphael forms the heart of every single individual who is supposed to take a new incarnation.

Mary, the Mother of God, a being full of mercy, grace, compassion and motherly love is the Divine complement of Archangel Raphael. Mother Marry is the Hierarch of the "Temple of Resurrection", together with Jesus.

Archangel Raphael represents the power of sight and vision - vision of the Truth.

He can help you develop your third eye - the inner vision, or Divine vision - and the resort to the power of creation by visualization.

Archangel Raphael can improve your concentration and extrasensory perception.

Archangel Raphael is a guardian of the blind. He brings healing in every respect, supports the healers, helps the physician and all spiritual therapists. Archangel Raphael supports all people on their Divine path.


Archangel Raphael will bring you healing, health and wealth, if you just ask Him for help


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