MORE THAN 50% OFF Mystical Avalon Energies Mega Attunement Package PLUS BOGO

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 As a bonus you will receive an attunement package of equal or lesser value free.

The Mystical Avalon Energies Package includes many Avalonian energies. With each system you will receive the manual and distant attunement.  A certificate for the package is available.

There are no substitutions however even if you have received one or two of these systems this package is quite a bargain price as the retail value is over 2200.00

Enjoy the Mystical Energies of Avalon!

  1. New Avalon (333.00)
  2. Priest of Excalibur (364.00)
  3. Avalon Soul Healing (245.00 value)
  4. Nine Witches Attunement Avalon in France
  5. Avalonian Alignment Program
  6. Healing Through the Goddess of Avalon
  7. Avalon Crown of Success
  8. Faery Reiki
  9. Isle of Avalon
  10. Lady of the  Lake
  11. Holy Grail
  12. Wisdom of Merlin
  13. Merlin Attunement
  14. Merlin Empowerment
  15. The Rainbow Sequence
  16. Azure Ray of Avalon
  17. Celtic Signs - Rhiannon
  18. Celtic Signs- Arianrhod
  19. Celtic Signs Bloudeuwedd
  20. Celtic Signs Branwen
  21. Celtic Signs Morrigan
  22. Goddess Rhiannon Fertility
  23. Brigids Flame
  24. Brighids Healing Waters
  25. Knights of Saint Patrick
  26. Goddess Guinevere
  27. Persephone Initation
  28. Lemurian Indigo Connections
  29. Invitation Into the White Priesthood
  30. Celtic Signs Brighid
  31. Celtic Signs Cerridwen
  32. Excalibur Reiki
  33. Knights of the Round Table
  34. King Arthur
  35. CEltic Signs Dana
  36. Camelot
  37. Faery Realm of Morrigan LeFey
  38. Warrior Spirit of Goddess Morrigan
  39. Crone Wisdom of Goddess Morrigan

Which free attunement package of equal or lesser value would you like with your purchase?

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