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BAAL SHEm TOV EMPOWERMENT AND ACTIVATION- protection against bad spirits, exorcism, invoke power of God, Heal, Defend against devil

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By Founder: Ramon Martinez Lopez

A BAAL SHEM is a Master of the name of god, written with the four Hebrew letters.

A BAAL SHEM is someone who knows the pronunciation of the god name, and could vibrate it silently.

BAAL SHEM is a helping spirit. BAAL SHEM TOV is the good spirit that protects against bad spirits.

The spirit sent to initiate the seeker is Elijah the prophet.

Once initiated, the BAAL SHEM is able to work miracles through the knowledge of the name of four letters, representing the primal sounds used by god to speak to creation. Also you can lay your hands on others for healing.

BAAL SHEM is especially useful in exorcism, deliver evil spirits out of the living body.

SHOFAR sound of the horm associated with judgment day, invoke the power of god, before whom Satan oppose cannot stand. Any energy opposing god will it is dismissed.

The BAAL SHEM helps to heal the people and defend them against devil.

You will receive the manual by founder and author, Ramon Martinez Lopez, the distant attunement and a certificate.

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