Ethereal Flowers I and Ethereal Flowers II Distant Attunement Make powerful flower remedies in seconds!


Founder: Ole Gabrielsen


Learn how to make powerful flower remedies in seconds.

Through attunement you gain access to a specific flower's energy and can

channel it by intention.

These are the same flowers that are used in the Bach Flower Essences.


Ethereal Flowers I


You are attuned to the following flowers:

Agrimony - Mental torture behind a cheerful face.

Aspen - Fear of unknown things.

Beech - Intolerance.

Centaury - Have difficulty in saying no and are anxious to please.

Cerato - Doubt your own ability to judge situations.

Cherry Plum - Fear of losing control of the mind.

Chestnut Bud - Refuses to learn by experience.

Chicory - Are overly possessive. The care for others is self-centered

and manipulative.

Clematis - Dreamy, absent-minded, lack of interest in present.

Crab Apple - The cleansing remedy, have a poor self-image.

Elm - Overwhelmed by responsibility.

Gentian - Easily discouraged.

Gorse - Hopelessness and despair, pessimistic.

Heather - Obsessed with own troubles and experiences, dislike being


Holly -  Hatred, envy, jealousy, suspicion.

Honeysuckle - Living in the past, nostalgic, feeling homesick.

Hornbeam - 'Monday morning' feeling, tiredness at the thought of doing

something, procrastination.

Impatiens - Impatience, easily irritated.

Larch - Lack of self-confidence.


You will also learn how to:

Make a remedy

Prepare a remedy for another person

Pass on Ethereal Flowers


Ethereal Flowers II


In this attunement you are attuned to the following flowers:

Mimulus - Fear of known things.

Mustard - Deep gloom for no reason.

Oak - Are driven by a strong sense of duty and struggle on although


Olive - Fatigued, feel exhausted.

Pine - Guilt Blame yourself for other people's mistakes.

Red Chestnut - Over-concerned for others.

Rock Rose - Scared, terror, fright.

Rock Water- Are inflexible, self-denial, rigidity and self-repression.

Scleranthus - Suffer from indecision.

Star Of Bethlehem - Grief or shock.

Sweet Chestnut - Extreme mental anguish.

Vervain - Over-enthusiasm.

Vine - Dominance and inflexibility.

Walnut - Protection from change and unwanted influences, assists in

adjustment to transition or change.

Water Violet - Pride and aloofness.

Water Chestnut - Persistent unwanted thoughts.

Wild Oat - Uncertainty over one's direction in life.

Wild Rose - Drifting, resignation, apathy.

Willow - Self-pity and resentment.



With This you will receive:

Ethereal Flowers attunements, I and II

The Ethereal Flowers Certificate

The Ethereal Flowers Course Notes with attunement process.


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