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2010 Enchanted Crystal Series: Tanzanite Essence Energy - meditation, spiritual awareness, psychic experiences, stress, composure, success, poise


Founder: Gabriela Yasmin Szafman

Tanzanite is truly a Lavender Zoisite was discovered in 1967 at the foot of Mount Kilamanjaro, in Tanzania Africa, hence it's name.

It's color comes from the presence of vanadium.

It was discovered by the Vice President of Tiffany's, which had exclusive rights to tell the stone originally.

A quite beautiful, delicately tinted stone, tanzanite will no longer be available when the major mines in Tanzania are depleted, and they are nearly exhausted already.

Both yellow and green zoisite have been found in Tanzania, but their gem quality is not quite that of the tanzanite.

The presence of vanadium is what creates the incredible color of the tanzanite.

These crystals have quite a distinct property known as plechroism, meaning that they can appear as more than one color when viewed at different angels.

Tanzanite can be see as purple, grey, or blue. Under an incandescent light the stones may even appear more violet

Tanzanite will Work:

• Tanzanite is sometimes called the "workaholic's stone", this is due to the fact that this stone will help you slow down and take it easy.

• This in turn will bring success in more areas of your life.

• It is very balancing for highly active people, mellowing out extremes in personality.

• Tanzanite relieves stress and enhances composure, poise and harmony.

• It helps us in understanding why things are happening in life giving us awareness from the balance.

• Tanzanite is a "stone of magic" that facilitates spiritual awareness and stimulates insight.

• It is also said to relieve depression.

• Tanzanite is known to both dispel and transmute negativity.


Energy: Not Noted

Element: Not Noted

Powers: Not Noted

Excellent for meditation as it increase spiritual awareness.

Tanzanite makes one more sensitive to psychic experiences, When using this stone, be certain that your inner motives are positive or you may incur negative karma.

A very magical stone, it can connect your psychically with ancient wisdom, especially that of indigenous cultures who spiritually have remained unchanged for thousands of years.

It is wonderful for guided visualizations, either alone or with a group to help to explore other spiritual planes.


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