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2010 Enchanted Crystal Series: Iolite Essence Energy - Guidance, Protection, Comfort, Calm, Psychic, Healing, Connect to Your Soul, More


Founder: Gabriela Yasmin Szafman



The Iolite will Work:

• As it's soft and gentle nature, iolite is used to help us connect with our souls.


• It will help us to understand who we are and why we are on the planet at this particular time.

• Use this stone for guidance in difficult areas of your life.

• What is most unique about working with Iolite is the sense of protection you feel whilst delving into the deepest levels of yourself, the comfort and calm it affords you.

• Iolite gives unconditionally, allow the positive energies of this stone to come into your life.

• Iolite is one of the best stones to use in psychic, healing, and spiritual activities. It can open one to psychic talents and expand them as well.


Magical Properties:

Energy: Not Noted

Element: Not Noted

Powers: Not Noted

Deitie: Goddess Athena 






Legend tells us that when Leif Eriksson and the other legendary Viking explorers ventured far out into the Atlantic Ocean, moving away from any coastline that could help them determine their position, they had a secret gem weapon: iolite.

The Viking mariners used thin pieces of iolite as the world's first polarizing filter. Looking through an iolite lens, they were able to determine the exact position of the sun, and navigate safely to the new world and back.

The property that made iolite so valuable to the Vikings is extreme pleochroism.

Iolite has different colors in different directions within the crystal.

A cube cut from iolite will look a violet-ish blue almost like sapphire from one side, clear as water from the other, and a honey yellow from the top.

This property led some people to call iolite "water sapphire" in the past, a name that is now obsolete.

Although, pleochroism may have been helpful in navigation,it makes things quite difficult for a gem cutter.

If iolite is not cut from exactly the right direction, no matter the shape of the rough, its color will not show to its best advantage.

Violet-blue iolite (also called cordierite) can be recognized by its strong pleochroism, which gives the gem it's other name of dichroite.

The best blue color is seen down the length of the prismatic crystals; they appear colorless when viewed across.

The name iolite comes from the Greek ios, which means violet. Iolite is usually a purplish blue when cut properly, with a softness to the color that can be quite attractive.

Iolite is readily available and surprisingly affordable.

The better and richer the blue, the better.

It is mined in India, Sri Lanka, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Brazil.

The Vikings probably mined iolite from deposits in Norway and Greenland.

Iolite is relatively hard but should be protected from blows.


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