2010 Enchanted Crystal Series. Enchanted Staurolite Essence Energy - Discern truth, communicate with animals, psychic development, grounding, fairies


Founder: Gabriela Yasmin Szafman



The Staurolite will Work:

• Staurolite gem mineral elixir gives protection from negativity, disease and accidents.

• Helpful for grounding and considered to be a stone of Good Luck.

• Useful with depression, stress and obsessive personality traits.


• It is helpful in releasing addictions.

• protect us from harm of all kinds

• Staurolite was believed to be created by the tears of fairies whom could not help but cry when they heard of Crists Crucification While this is obviously an old Christian myth , it has stuck with the stone.


• Staurolite is often called “Fairy Stone” or “Fairy Cross”.

• Staurolite connects the spiritual, the ethereal, and physical planes

• Since the first time it was worn, it has been considered a good luck charm as well as a charm that would protect children from evil spirits.

• Traditional protection and good luck stone

• Excellent stress reliever

• Acts as an anti-depressant

• Gently grounding and shielding

• Can assist giving up smoking

• Can connect and balance physical and astral planes

• Helps organise thought patterns and ideas

• Said to protect children from negative forces, especially disturbed children.


• Thought to aid anyone battling evil, by giving courage, protection


• Ability to discern truth.

• Staurolite represents the four elements

• tool to psychically communicate with the animal kingdom, helps psychic development,


• helps to find lost objects,


• grounding stone that assists in connecting with other worlds, including the fairy realm.



Energy: Not Noted

Element: Not Noted

Powers: Not Noted

Deities: Fairies


Staurolite has been known by many names.

Mineralogists and geologists will be familiar with staurotide and grenatite.

Fairy stones, fairy crosses, and cross stones are abundant in North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, and Tennessee.

Clutches of staurolite have been found in Taos, Russia, New Mexico and Georgia. In 1976, staurolite was named the state mineral of Georgia.

They are worn as amulets and good luck charms.

Imitations are carved from fine grained clay rock and dyed.

A source near Taos, New Mexico produces fine twinned staurolite. Deposits in Connecticut, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Canada, Scotland, France, some alluvials in the Urals and the Gorob mine in Namibia are other sources.

Staurolite found in Sweden contains a significant amount of manganese.

Kyanite accompanies the twinned staurolite recovered from the mica-schists of Monte Campione and Lake Ritone in Switzerland.


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