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90 Minute Intensive Healing Session - Reconnect to your very essence and heal on a Whole NEW level!


An Intensive Healing Session will re-connect you to your very essence and help you heal on a whole new level. The healing energizes you and restores hope and balance. Intensive Healing Sessions are not only healing but life changing. Start the healing process today and wake up to a brighter tomorrow.

The Intensive Healing Session absolutely brings positive changes to both mental and physical health and heals emotional wounds as well. Only through releasing our traumas can true healing take place. Love heals in releasing pain and restoring balance. Life begins to improve when we wash away our sorrows and restore hope.

Healing is performed while you sleep for optimal results .  Love colors our world with hope.

Intensive Healing Sessions are performed any where in the world remotely. Once you make your purchase please email the following information before your session.

INFORMATION NEEDED: Date of Birth, Birth City, Birth State, Physical, Emotional, Relationship, and Career concerns you would like to be addressed in the session.


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