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90 Minute Energy Transforming Business Healing Session


This session works to heal you, your aura, work environment and atmosphere.  The energy will create the very best ambiance and energy and the intuitive power to attract the highest level of customers/clients. It will create an aura of success around you and your business, one that is inviting, clean, comfortable, and energetically pure. It will improve business and transform your image, the way people perceive you, as well as, clear negative energy and protect you from losing business/clients.

This will Illuminate the energy of your workplace/environment/atmosphere/website . All stress and negative energies will be removed so that you can thrive in a positive and stress free way. Removing negative energies will brighten the energy and aura of you and your business and improve your interactions with others as well as attract positive energy and success.  The energy will work to make your work environment and personal aura pristine and clear promoting health, happiness and attracting abundance into your life and business path. It will add good vibes to your business attracting high quality clients/customers and interactions.


This session is especially helpful when:

There is conflict within a business

You feel negative energy, coldness, "darkness", or spirits in any room or in the whole location

Healing arts are performed at a location, including massage, reiki, yoga, and medicine, which cause a client to release negative energy

After moving to a new locationAfter construction or remodelling

After misfortune

During and after periods of illness

If you are finding evidence of black arts being practiced around your location

Prior to selling a business

When opening a new business

Before a celebration or rite of passage

When you are looking to increase prosperity and abundance

INFORMATION NEEDED: First Name, Last Name, Business Name, and Business Address.


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