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Couples Intensive Healing Package Nine Intensive 90 Minute Healing Sessions - Love Heals! Color Your Relationship with Love!


Couples Intensive Healing Package

Love heals relationships too. Relationships heal when both individuals seek healing. Old patterns preventing healthy relationships will be replaced with loving calibrations intensifying feelings of love toward each other. Healing begins in the heart and two hearts become one as blocks to a loving relationships are removed.

Positive changes take place as matters of the heart are resolved. Notions of conflict are healed by releasing traumas of the past. Promise of adding colors of love to your relationship is possible with a Couples Intensive Healing Package.

The Couples Intensive Healing Package includes three 90 Minute Intensive Healing Sessions for each partner and three 90 Minute Intensive Love Healing Sessions for the Relationship. Love heals! Color your relationship with love.

As issues are released, and replaced, you are free to love happily and harmoniously.

*Includes 6 Intensive Healing Sessions (3 for each partner) plus 3 Intensive Healing Sessions for the Love Relationship.


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