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90 Minute Pet Healing Session


Love heals pets too. Positive healing benefits of distance healing also works on pets. The tapestry of love is incomplete without the unconditional love we receive from our pets that become true colors of love that brighten our world. Pets can add more peace to our lives with their unconditional love.

We return their love by caring for them and nurturing them with our devotion only becoming more loving ourselves. If your pet is not feeling well, a Pet Healing Session may help. Lasting through all health challenges will bring opportunities for all to heal hearts through thick and thin.

If your pet needs healing adding comfort through a Pet Healing Session can help. Pets love us unconditionally. We can reciprocate with a healing gift of love.

For optimal healing, healing sessions are performed while your pet sleeps if possible. Purchase your session and email your pets name, as well as your info (full name, dob, city and state) as well as a description of what is wrong. A photo is also helpful but not necessary.


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