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90 Minute Relationship Rejuvenation Healing Session


reg price 79.99

With this session you can expect that your relationship will be re-energized and rejuventated so that you experience even greater passion than you have experienced even when the relationship was at the height of passion. 

Passion will be ignited and positive alchemy will be invited. Healing will be given to the wounded places inside and open your hearts to love. Loving, gentle, healing energy will be given to restore hope and harmony in the relationship. This session is designed to rekindle love, passion, and desire. Blocks will be removed to heal your relationship!

Feelings of love will be magnified and intensified planting your love deeper in each others hearts. Past Wounds will be healed, blocks to giving and receiving love will be removed. Blocks to sexuality, intimacy, emotional closeness, emotional honesty, and or passionate feelings will be released.

Positive changes will occur in the relationship as the hearts are healed and hope is restored. The energy supports you in placing each other in the forefront of your minds and positive alchemy to the relationship. This will bring your hearts closer together so that your hearts are intertwined once more so that passion can continue growing and building within the relationship.

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